Our Mission

Dynamix7 is comprised of individuals with a broad cross-section of experience in all aspects of online marketing. We are supported by an equally skilled team of in-house web developers, designers and programmers. Our staff shares a powerful passion for educating others, and we focus on helping each student reach his/her personal goals.

Our Background

Today, computer science courses are commonly offered at the community-college level in many locations. However, finding a source for practical knowledge of how the internet and online marketing really works can be extremely difficult and frustrating. Unfortunately, many individuals "in-the-know" seem to guard their knowledge and skills carefully. To overcome this, Dynamix7 has invested heavily in the development of a unique training curriculum with the express purpose of filling this huge educational void. The result is a state-of-the-art individual-student oriented curriculum that is innovative, exciting, thorough and attentive to the very latest in online marketing trends and techniques.